The Rubbish Challenge

PCANZ minister living in Burnham, Rev Sylvia Purdie, is inviting you and your whānau to join in a transformational journey over 10 months. Blelow is the first episode of The Rubbish Challenge. For future editions – suitable for publication in your local church newsletter – please follow Sylvia’s instructions below.

Remember – pollution is simply an output you do not use. So use it!

10 Steps to Less Waste in 10 Months

A resource for churches and whanau. Please copy and share (free copyright).

More material and videos at:

Written by Silvia Purdie

Step 1) February: Consider

Bible verse: Ephesians 1:22 

And God placed all things under his feet and appointed him to be head over everything.

‘Big Idea’: Mission is Gospel in Context

Christ is Lord of everything and the Gospel of Christ is good news for every-where. Mission happens at the points of connection between the eternal truth of salvation and the messy specifics of human life. In our time we face huge environmental issues. Following Jesus takes us where ever he leads, even into the rubbish dumps of the world.

Questions – for reflection & discussion

Whose problem is our rubbish? Is it a problem for God?

It’s great to throw things in the bin and someone else takes it away … but where does it go? What impact does it have on the environment? Is it our responsibility?
Is this something our church/group/home would like to address this year?

Action Steps for February

1. Download the ‘Waste’ study guide from A Rocha’s ‘Rich Living’ series:

2. Read and talk about with others

3. Watch Silvia’s short video at:

4. Decide to do the Rubbish Challenge 10 Steps this year.

For a church this could involve taking a formal proposal to the leadership/Council.


Almighty Creator, all things come from you. You call us to be responsible stewards.

Jesus Christ, you are in all the world. You call us into mission to all the world.

Life-giving Spirit, give us strength to follow Christ, in the little things and in the big things.