A sanctified art provides materials to assist churches to proclaim the Gospel. Through Art, Poetry, Song, Prose, and Reflections they provide worship service content and resources. They have available many series for Lent and Advent, and other non church season series such as “when things unravel” and stewardship. Pricing is based on the size of your congregation, and you can choose to buy a bundle of resources or just what you need. Resources include: devotionals, words for worship, Sunday School Curriculum, original hymns to old tunes, poetry, sermon planning guides etc.

We have found the art based devotions great for our study groups, and the content provides a fresh take on many of the familiar stories. It is great for resourcing worship teams, and including creativity into congregations with limited human resourcing. We have made good use of the material for combined ecumenical worship services and the reflective nature has been well received.


Recommended by Rev Andrew Howley (Alexandra Clyde Lauder Union Parish)

NB: UCANZ shares this information with congregations as to support ministry. We receive no revenue from this.

Categories: Worship