Ministry Facilitator: Rev Andrew Doubleday

Lynne and I have been married for 42+ years. We have three adults sons, two daughters-in-law, and two grandsons.
I grew up in Dunedin, and am the eldest of five to English and Dutch immigrants. I was baptised Presbyterian, and raised Open Brethren (youth into young adulthood), and found myself for some years
in an ultra-dispensationalist cult. I subsequently discovered in the people of the Mornington Methodist Church that being loved was not conditional upon my agreement or conformity. This proved life changing for me.
Ministry or Work Experience
Worked 13 years as a Quantity Surveyor for NZ Government.
St Johns/Trinity College 1987 through 1989 (B.Theol MCD)
Ministry appointments:
1990 through 1994 – Wanganui Methodist team ministry.
Feb 1995 through to Jan 2021 – Opawa Methodist/Community Church.
During this time we’ve been through a church split, exited Methodism and re-joined 10 years later, lost our buildings to earthquakes, took 6 years to rebuild and return. I did a two year stint as Synod Property Secretary where we set up processes to guide the District wide rebuild. Involved with both Council of Conference (6 years) & Tauiwi Strategy (7 years).
November 2020 to November 2022 – President of MCNZ.
I continue to be excited about ministry, believing as a young 69 year old that my most fruitful years may still be in front of me.
What I bring:
I’m creative, always looking for practical solutions to problems. I’m often passionate and enthusiastic.
I tend to see clearly, particularly the long-term implications of decisions. I seem to be graced with the capacity of being able to see the wood for the trees, and simplifying the complex.
I take the long view. I’m patient in waiting for people to ‘come on board’, believing that relationships need not be sacrificed in implementing a great plan. Having said that, I don’t tend to go in much for long term planning – I’ve found that life seems to find its own way.

I no longer believe in coincidences – I look to see what God is doing (what is happening in my life, around me, what people are coming across my path) and do my best to co-operate. Usually.
I tend to think out loud. This can be disconcerting for others as I’ve been known to change my mind mid-sentence.
While I tend to participate freely and can be outspoken, I never intend to be unkind – I like to be liked.
While usually clear on where I stand, I am inclusive and have the capacity to reach across the breadth of the Church.
I have twice made the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius of Loyola, and receive regular Spiritual Direction. Prayer, both contemplative and intercessory, is very important to me – it is the engine room for my
ministry and living.
As each day passes, the conviction that God loves me and has fully demonstrated this in Jesus Christ, deepens. I continue to have a deep conviction that the primary purpose of the church is to help people
connect with God.

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Co-chair: Rev Andrew Howley

Andrew was appointed by Standing Committee at Biennial Forum 2021.

He is a Presbyterian minister serving with the Alexandra, Clyde, Lauder Union Parish. Originally worked as a qualified painter and decorator in Christchurch. Prior to ordination training he worked for St Margaret’s Presbyterian Church, Christchurch, for five years as a community based intermediate youth leader and church-based children’s ministry leader. While working for the church, he completed a Bachelor of Theology from Otago University and then completed a Diploma of Ministry through the Knox Centre for Leadership and Ministry, while based in Dunedin at St Philips, Grants Braes.

He is married to Dr Rosalie Evans and they were blessed with the birth of Theodore in 2019, and Josiah in 2022.

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Phone: 021 518 053: Email:

Co-Chair: Rev Jeff Caleb Odhiambo

I am the minister of St John’s – Bucklands Beach Cooperating Parish. I am an ordained Anglican Priest. Originally from Kenya I am married to Alicia (originally from America). Alicia and I are an interracial and intercultural couple. We have been living in New Zealand since 2010.
We have two children Elle and Miles.
I have been in active ministry for the past 20+ years, in Kenya, Nepal, America, and in different parts of Aotearoa New Zealand.
I am comfortable in large or small church context as I have served in both. I aim to use my extensive background in intercultural engagement to foster more understanding across cultures. I become animated when I engage in conversations that foster and deepen interpersonal and intercultural relationships. I am a passionate advocate for a life lived seamlessly in the community.

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Members of Standing Committee 2024-25

Elected Members:

Denominational Appointments:




Standing Committee 2021-23


Jenny Chalmers (Taupo) and Andrew Howley (Alexandra)

Elected members

David Harding (Wellington), Fakaofo Kaio (Auckland), Fei Taule’ale’ausumai (Auckland), Geraldine Coats (Wellington), Heather Kennedy (Ashburton), Jeff Odihambo (Bucklands Beach), and Margaret Bishop (Northland).

Partner representatives

Stephanie Wells (Presbyterian, not in picture), Ian Harris and Siosifa Pole (Methodist), and Michael Hughes (Anglican – acting).

Standing Committee 2019-2021


Jenny Chalmers (Taupo) and David Hall (Bucklands Beach)


David Harding (Wellington), Chris Auchinvole (West Coast), Fakaofo Kaio (Auckland), Heather Kennedy (Ashburton), Alan Robinson (Northland), Geraldine Coats (Wellington), and Andrew Howley (Alexandra)


(Anglican – two to be appointed), Clare Lind and Stephanie Wells (Presbyterian),
Ian Harris (Methodist), Tale Hakeagaiki (Congregational Union)

Standing Committee 2017-19


Stuart Sinclair (Hillcrest, Hamilton) and David Hall (Bucklands Beach)


Geraldine Coats (St Anselm’s, Karori), Andrew Howley (Alexandra-Clyde-Lauder), Fakaofo Kaio (Onehunga), Heather Kennedy (Ellesmere),
Alan Robinson (Kaeo-Kerikeri), Morven Sidal (St David’s Timaru), Kathryn Walters (Christchurch), and Hugh Williams (Johnsonville)

Partner representatives

Jenny Chalmers and John McCaul (Anglican),
Tale Hakeagaiki (Congregational Union),
Paul Burton (Christian Churches),
Trevor Hoggard and Ron Malpass (Methodist),
Clare Lind and Jim Veitch (Presbyterian)

Standing Committee 2015-17

The Standing Committee elected at 2015 “Big Ideas for Smaller Churches” Biennial Forum are:

Co-Chairpersons; Lyn Heine and Stuart Sinclair

Elected Members; Clare Morrison, David Hall, Morven Sidal, Don Smith, Katherine Walters and Lynley Wilson.

Partner Representatives;
Anglican: Jenny Chalmers and John McCaul
Christian Churches: Paul Burton
Congregational Union: Tale Hakeagaiki
Methodist: Trevor Hoggard and Ron Malpass
Presbyterian: Clare Lind and Jim Veitch

Standing Committee 2011-2013

Back Row from left to right: Lyndsay Jacobs, Robert McLay, David Hall, Nigel Hanscamp, Catherine Dunkley, Rilma Sands, Stuart Sinclair, Helen Bichan, Eric Wadsworth, and Don Smith.
Front Row: Beverley Deverell, Peter MacKenzie (Executive Officer) Marilyn Welch and David Dittmer (Co-chairpersons) Robyn Daniels (Administrative Assistant) and Lyn Heine.

Standing Committee 2009-2011

Left to right back row: David Ross, Tale Hakeagaiki, Lyndsay Jacobs, Neville Price, Helen Bichan, David Dittmer, Catherine Dunkley, Robert McLay and Nigel Hanscamp.
Second row: Winston Baker, Beverley Deverill, Lyn Heine, David White, Stuart Sinclair and Rilma Sands.
Front row: Robyn Daniels (Administrive Assistant), Geoff Donovan and Marilyn Welch (Co-chairpersons) and Peter MacKenzie (Executive Officer)
Absent from photo: Tony Bell

Standing Committee 2007-2009

Standing Committee 2007-2009
From left to right (Back row) Neville Price, Graeme White, David Dittmer, Mary Sutton, Lyndsay Jacobs, Marilyn Welch, Tony Bell, Lyn Heine, Nigel Hanscamp, Ken Linscott, and Rilma Sands.
(Seated) Beverley Deverell, Peter MacKenzie (Executive Officer), Janet Taege (Co-chairperson)
Geoff Donovan (Co-chairperson) Robyn Daniels (Administrative Assistant) and Bryce Morris

Absent from photo Winston Baker, Catherine Dunkley and David Ross