Uniting Congregations are called to:

  • vigorously go out on the commission of Christ
  • break new ground
  • establish communities of hope being set free to take risks for God


  • value and respect the traditions of our Partner Churches
  • find new ways of worshipping and working together
  • be agents of Christ’s unity among all denominations
  • work for harmony, understanding and compassion among all people in our local communities
  • honour the integrity and balance of God’s creation

The Act of Commitment

The Act of Commitment was entered into in 1967 by the partner churches:  the Associated Churches of Christ, the Anglican Church, the Congregational Union, the Methodist and the Presbyterian Churches.

The commitment was re-affirmed in May 1987.

“In our faith in Jesus Christ as our one Lord and Saviour, and in our concern to serve His mission to the world, we now commit ourselves in common obedience to Him and offer to Him our utmost endeavours that by the Holy Spirit we may be brought into one Church according to His will, to the glory of god the Father.

We affirm that in this Church, as essential to its life, there will be found.

The Word of God in the Holy Scriptures as the supreme rule of faith and life.
The historic faith as expressed in the Apostles’ and Nicene Creeds.
The faithful preaching of the Gospel.
The divinely instituted sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion.
A ministry acknowledged by the whole Church.
A life ordered by the Holy Spirit in Worship, godly discipline, humble service and living fellowship.

With the obedience we offer, we acknowledge our obligation to receive new insights and now to
do together many of the things which in the past we have done separately”