PROCEDURES 2018 will supersede the Procedures for Cooperative Ventures 2012 from March 2019. The document holds the procedural information for Uniting Congregations. It will be published in hard-copy late in 2020. The supplementary “Guidelines” (section 9) have also been revised and appear only on the website.

The requests for annual statistics (membership and financial) are made in May. The current year’s forms can be found below.

We run Biennial Forums where representatives from Uniting Churches meet to discuss and share issues involving UCANZ. Records from past Forums and (when available) details of future Forums are online.

1- Stats request letter
2 – Form C2 – Membership Stats 2020
3 – Form C3 – Financial Stats 2020
4 – Membership Stats Guidelines 2020
5 – Financial Stats Guidelines 2020
6 – Form C6 – Financial Review Certificate

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