took place at Onehunga Co-operating Parish, Auckland,
beginning with Opening Worship at 7pm on Thursday 26 October
and closing after Morning Worship on Sunday 29 October.

Church Venue on Onehunga Mall and Grey Street

Speakers included Mary Caygill, Prince Devanandan, Viv Whimster,
Jocelyn Armstrong, Paul Trebilco and Jo Randerson.

Onehunga Co-operating Parish proved to be an excellent venue for our Biennial Forum at the end of October. Over 70 people from around 40 churches attended and enjoyed a lively range of presentations, each addressing in complementary fashion the theme of the gathering, ONE MORE AT THE TABLE.

papers presented

PRINCE DEVANANDAN – Inherited and Emerging Mission: challenges for churches in the 21st century

MARY CAYGILL -Redeeming the Conversation as Holy Art

PAUL TREBILCO – Belonging to a Network: a unifying dimension across the NT

There were additional workshops on Listening Respectfully, Saying It Without Words (facilitated by the Auckland Deaf Fellowship), Religious Diversity Centre, Multicultural Communication, and Jesus, Sinners, Prodigals, and Samaritans

As well as good food, good company and good educational experiences, there were two business sessions which introduced and gained approval for a revised financial assessment model for CVs. Option C involves reinvigorating the role of Coordinating Partner and (in two years’ time) attaching financial responsibility to that Partner. Simple in outline, some of the detail of Option C is explored in a separate briefing paper available here.

New Standing Committee 

Nominated by local churches or Regional Fora, the elected members serve for two years. The Partner Representatives are appointed by their denominational bodies.


Stuart Sinclair (Hillcrest, Hamilton) and David Hall (Bucklands Beach)

Elected members

Geraldine Coats (St Anselm’s, Karori), Andrew Howley (Alexandra-Clyde-Lauder), Fakaofo Kaio (Onehunga), Heather Kennedy (Ellesmere),
Alan Robinson (Kaeo-Kerikeri), Morven Sidal (St David’s, Timaru),
Kathryn Walters (Christchurch), and Hugh Williams (Johnsonville)

Partner representatives

Jenny Chalmers and John McCaul (Anglican),
Tale Hakeagaiki (Congregational Union), Paul Burton (Christian Churches),
Trevor Hoggard and Ron Malpass (Methodist),
Clare Lind and Jim Veitch (Presbyterian).