Kia ora e te whanau

I’m sitting at a dining table deep in the King Country. After a rich Friday with the Waikato-Waiariki Methodist Synod at Camp Epworth, I’ve been privileged catching up with groups and individuals from a Parish that is charting new ways forward. Having come from a relatively dry Canterbury, the almost ongoing rain this region seems determined to bless me with leaves me imagining I can feel the webbing growing between my toes.Personal and Leadership ResourcesHow an 18th-century priest gave us the tools to make better decisionsI came across an article this past week on ‘Bayes Theorem’. Thomas Bayes was an 18th Century Presbyterian Minister who also happened to be a statistician. He came up with a formula that helps us consider the probabilities of events actually happening. It’s widely used in the medical world. The article reminded me of a much more accessible and entertaining one I found a few years back – which I also found very helpful in dealing with some personal issues I was then facing. I’ve tracked down Liv Boeree’s original VOX article and post the link here: Who do you say that I am, Lord?I’ve been in Spiritual direction for the best part of 15 years. My director is a Catholic lay person who has journeyed with me over this time. In the early years, when I’d bring an issue before him that I’d been struggling with, he’d invariably ask me the same question – “And what happened when you brought this matter before the Lord in prayer?” My answer was just as invariable – “Until this moment I hadn’t considered that an option”. Sounds silly, I know – yet it was my reality. His response to that might follow the line “Well we’re here now, lets take a moment in the silence to bring it before the Lord, and see what comes.” There’s always something. What I know from experience is that The Lord is much wiser, gentler, kinder, and compassionate than I am.This article is set in a cross-cultural, interfaith context. For some this may prove problematic. It demonstrates for me that God is at work in all people. Take from it what you will or are open to. It can be read here: Hoggard’s sermon surveys 1 Sam 17:41 – 18:5; 2 Cor 6:1-13; Mark 4:35-41; and examines the leadership qualities of David, Paul and Jesus. Trevor’s sermon can be experienced here: response to the Gospel text of Mark 4:35-41is titled ‘What just happened?’ This references Mark’s account of Jesus calming the storm on the lake. It can be experienced here: Again, it will help broaden our reach if you ‘subscribe’ and ‘like’.Once again, use the videos as you will.

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